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Artist Personal Rider Provision and Sourcing

We know how busy you are.

You have a hundred and one things happening and the last thing you want to worry about is if the venue has sorted out the 6 pack of limited edition Icelandic water or the fact that they couldn’t find white orchids so they’ve substituted them for lilies.

This is where Rider Provider comes in. We source all those incredibly difficult requests at the drop of a hat and we get everything to the right place at the right time. If it’s on the list- it’s in the room. RP is on hand for the duration of your event and can replenish, refill or execute new requests before you’ve hung up the phone.

For smaller venues and multiple date tours we supply The RP Mini and The RP Maxi. This innovative concept is a way to ensure you get exactly what you need but with minimal interaction. Place the order by phone or online and your kit arrives in branded RP flight cases. You have the option to order anything from as little as a backstage selection of drinks and fruit (….The RP Mini) up to a full trunk of clothes, loaded iPad, cases of Austrian artisan beer, phone chargers, cigars and todays newspapers (….The RP Maxi)…the case is ours but we fill it with what you want.