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The Company

You’ve booked the Talent.

You’ve pre-sold (thousands!) of tickets. The lighting’s good, the sound system’s set, the press is buzzing and you’re days away from a sell-out event. You just need to get your hands on a 40 ft trailer furnished in all white from top to bottom - flowers, drapery, sofas, candels, or a bright pink Chesterfield or maybe a case of Padron Serie 1926 80 Years and you're good to go!

Securing the world’s most celebrated talent isn’t always as easy as pressing ‘send’ on the bank transfer button. Some of the biggest artists on the planet provide truly daunting, mind-numbing riders to venue staff - and any deviation from that list can give your star license to bring the entire event to its knees.

That’s where Rider Provider comes in. With years of experience working in events, handling global headlining artists and liaising pre-show and on the night itself with promoters in London, LA, New York, Paris and beyond, Rider Provider takes the stress and hassle out of working with the elite. Whether you require help sourcing a myriad of luxury items, bespoke pieces of furniture or you need a full interior design team to come in and create the required backstage/dressing room ambience, Rider Provider is there at every step to ensure that everything is as listed.